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Best Eco-friendly Wedding Tips for 2019

Weddings are expensive, but let’s not forget their impact on the environment. In every wedding there is a lot of resources being used and that leaves behind a large amount of waste. At this age and this time, it is entirely unacceptable. However, our generation is enlightened and highly educated. They understand that the concept of climate change and Global warming.

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To keep up with the trend of eco-friendly themes we are giving a few but effective eco-friendly wedding tips for 2019.

Paperless wedding invites

For years, we have always relied on handcrafted aesthetically pleasing handwritten invites. It creates an impression for the reader with the images and the design. But it will be hard to resist the urge to leave these age-old customs. Unless you are using recycled paper, this could be a bad idea for an eco-friendly wedding ceremony. You can add a more personal touch to your invites by sending an invitation through an email. There are numerous websites that provide you with customizable graphics and fonts which can make your wedding invite highly innovative and original.

Bride’s wedding gown

In general, the fashion industry is reckless considering the standards the set for making the most expensive fabric. This usually creates a bigger impact on the environment. Don’t go for the usual mass-produced dress as they could be highly expensive and may not be ethical. Look for more sustainable options such as organic and fair trade fibres as they have a considerably reduced footprint and extremely eco-friendly. Using hemp, Tencel and organic cartoon will make the bride look even more beautiful.

Bridegroom’s dress

When the bride is going for eco-friendly attire, the groom has to follow suit as well. Currently, there are a lot of options available. Instead of buying one, you can rent a suitable dress which is reasonable and eco-friendly. If one is not comfortable with renting, you can opt for a customised vintage suit which could be tailored down using ethically made fabrics. This unlike your normal wedding dress can be worn again and again.

Using seasonal flowers for the Wedding

Many weddings always have a pre-set theme and usually follow the trademark flowers. But every season brings out different varieties of flowers which you could use it for your own ethical bouquet and for decorations. Flowers are usually cheaper during the season and will be fresh and free from the pesticides. There is no need to go for exotic flowers which could end up expensive, instead opt for flowers which grow naturally in our gardens.

Choosing the perfect ring for the occasion

The symbolic tradition of exchanging rings has been going on for centuries and many will object to this practice being removed. Most of them will prefer diamond or any other precious stones, but this can be avoided as most of these stones hail from many African countries where lives have been destroyed. Consult everyone before making the right choice as this is of high priority. You can explore the markets for recycled gold and search for specific conflict-free diamonds as those rings will speak volumes about the kind of person you are.

Draft a creative and organic menu

The food and beverages you are providing will have a much bigger impact than the above-mentioned factors. Understand your guestlist from the wedding registry before you draft the food menu for this will help in the calculated production of food. This will also impact the sustainability of the wedding. Care must be taken to offer only food that comes from the particular season, in that way you could cut down on the expenses and also reduce the wastage. Make sure you source the food from local farmers who employ cruelty-free practices. If you want to make it one step further, you can go entirely vegetarian or vegan. It’s always better to go full organic on the food as the risk of pesticide contamination could be removed. When choosing beverages, again go for pesticide-free organic wine. Today there are many specialised micro-breweries and distilleries that ensure low carbon footprint.

The bridesmaid attire section

Let’s not forget the bridesmaid attire. They have to follow the bride’s footsteps in going for an eco-friendly wedding. Ensure that shiny polyester is avoided at all costs as they are really bad for the planet. Go for organic cotton gowns, they tend to last longer as the material is durable. This will also serve as an amazing gift for your bridesmaids.

Handling of food wastage

Wedding feasts are usually organized in a grand manner. This often leads to a colossal wastage of food. You can solve this issue by offering every seat at the table with a small doggy pouch to help the hungry stray dogs. Otherwise, you can donate the remaining food to charitable organizations and local shelters thereby ensuring the less fortunate won’t go to sleep hungry.

Go for an eco-friendly honeymoon destination

Last but not the least choose your honeymoon destination wisely. Eco-tourism is thriving in many countries. Do your research well as there are many places that advertise falsely. While travelling always prefer eco-friendly transportation and accommodation.


Organizing an eco-friendly wedding is definitely a challenging task, but the rewards far outweigh the costs involved. Implementing all the above points for your wedding is definitely a challenging task but you could choose one of them as you are doing your bit for the environment.

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