Top Things To Consider When Selecting Your Workout Clothes

If your workout gear is making it uncomfortable to exercise, you’re more likely to put it off entirely, or worse still, quit.

It goes without saying that your choice of workout clothes should work as hard as you do. Not only should they look good on you, but it must also be physically bearable with the best workout apparel being the kind you forget you’re wearing.

Below is a quick rundown of what you should consider before purchasing your workout clothes:


Your workout clothes should be snug, allow maximum mobility and have excellent ventilation to avoid chafing and irritation. They should be designed especially for your workout and prevent you from feeling self-conscious and improve your performance.

Loose seams, restrictive sleeves and a back which slips up when you bend forward can all interrupt your workout and potentially cause injury if you’re not careful.

Appropriate Clothes

It is important to consider the activities you do to remain fit and purchase clothes that are most suitable for those activities.

A high-quality, tapered performance top and a lightweight, durable bottom are all what you usually need to execute your moves without much hindrance.

Wicking Ability

For those long, hard and gruelling workout sessions, it is important to have gym clothes that having wicking ability to keep you cool and dry. There’s nothing worse than being drenched in sweat and not being able to complete your workout.

Look for clothes which include polyester or lyca as these are most likely to keep you comfortable throughout as these materials seep the sweat away from your body and bring it to the outer surface.

If you are looking at where to get started, consider the infographic below detailing the list of clothes available at Gymshark, the world’s leading fitness apparel brand:

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