5 Bedtime Habits Women with Great Skin Swear by

If you believe that perfect skin is something that comes in your genes, you are mostly wrong. The way our skin looks and feels has a lot to do with our daily habits. It is tough to pamper your skin all the time, especially when your schedule is super packed. There are a few bedtime habits that women having great skin swear by and I am about to reveal those in this article for you. They are easy to follow and super effective.

So, what are you waiting for? Read through and thank me later!

Sleep with No-Makeup Face

If you want to prevent your skin from uneven tone and breaking out often, going to sleep bare-faced is essential. Leaving makeup on for too long clogs the pores and prevents the skin cells from regenerating while you sleep. Therefore, the skin gets worse with time if you do not remove makeup before sleeping. So, note it down that you must remove your makeup using a gentle makeup remover and then cleanse your face with a facial wash.

Remove the Dead Skin

If you are tired of dull complexion and patchy skin, exfoliating your skin is necessary. You must use a nice refreshing face mask twice to thrice every week for removal of any dead skin accumulated on the skin. Exfoliation improves the texture the significantly and deeply cleanses the pores as well.

Tie Your Hair

Our hair consists of natural oils that attract a lot of dirt throughout the day. If the hair is left open when we sleep, the dirt can get shifted to our skin while the strands sit on our face. Therefore, I would suggest you to make a nice clean braid before you go to bed. It will also prevent the hair from tangling.

Get a Humidifier

If you want to wake up with soft and supple skin that is hydrated, get yourself a humidifier and turn it on before you go to bed. It will help keep your skin soft and free from cracks and fine lines. You must also use a moisturizer for extra moisture locked up into the pores and improved skin texture.

Use an Eye Cream

If your eyes look too tired and puffy with all the wrinkles and discoloration, a night eye cream can help big time. Since you cannot wear it throughout the day, there is no better time to apply it than before heading to bed. Just massage your eyes with the cream and let it work while you sleep peacefully.

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